Thursday, September 06, 2007

New work - "Morning Glory"

A fresh summer morning, the air is clean; the day is new and uncluttered. The senses slowly awaken easing you into your day with a soft snowy white towel, crisp cool water, the pure scents of soap and lotions. It should be treasured and greeted in all its naked glory.

"Morning Glory" is available as:
  • Original (image size 17 ½” x 23 ¼”)
  • Gallery Prints (on 24" x 28") signed & numbered limited edition.
  • Studio prints (on 13" x 19") signed & numbered limited edition.
  • Portfolio prints (on 8.5" x 11") open edition.

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During the 'Day of Issue Sale' they are 20% off. Sale ends around midnight Midnight (EDT) September 7, 2007. Framing is also available.


Phillip said...

Now why can't my ass look like that?

michael m. said...

It looks great Michael, as usual. hehehe... But there is one thing bothering me. The blue bottle in the background. Shouldn't the shadow of the blue bottle be moving to the right? Implying that the main light source is coming from the window and not from the "lights" above the mirror? Otherwise it's very good. I really like the luminosity of the curtains. For most other people that usually pretty hard to do. Kudos!! :D

Michael Breyette said...

I wouldn't let the blue bottle's shadow bother you too much. There is light coming from a cieling fixture that I wanted to indicate, hence the bottles shadow as well as the mirror's, and the sink's, along with a bit of light cast on his shoulders and the inward side of the towel.

The sun is not directly opposite the figure's face, but more from the direction his body is 'facing' and inline with the morning glory flowers outside the window. The sun rays coming in from that angle really would not cast upon the far wall at all.

I do contemplate light and shadows when I work. Light reflects off of and comes from sources often outside the viewing area of the picture. Even then I try not to overtly break any laws of physics. Here though I even had the photo I took of the bathroom to work from, (see a previous post)to keep it real so to speak.