Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Full Monty

This weekend Edward and I went up to Ogunquit Maine and saw Sally Struthers in "The Full Monty" at the Ogunquit Playhouse. It was campy and entertaining. We saw Sally last summer at the Playhouse in "Hello Dolly", and that was a hoot so we couldn't miss her in this.

If you haven't seen it performed the show is a big tease. Blue collar guys out of work decide to make money by putting together their own strip show. They do strip completely but you only get to see the actors asses, because when it comes time for the full Monty the lights go out. However, at the final curtain call some of the guys, who are only wearing robes, kick up their legs and if you are paying attention you'll get an eyeful of 'Monty'

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Ron G (again!) said...

As large as Sally Struthers has gotten she is amazing on stage. I saw her 3 years ago at the Hollywood Playhouse in Florida doing "I love you, Patsy" the Patsy Kline story. Sally played the role of the friend who got Patsy to send her demo tape to a radio station where she was discovered and that girl who played Patsy sounded just like her, goose bumps. And Sally was a total hoot! See her if she comes around your way in any production, she is a talent and a survivor.