Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Hung Up" and hangin' out

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the highlight of my Las Vegas trip was getting up and singing a few verses of "Hung Up" with Madonna. Me and Maddy had a blast at a club called Madame Tussaud's. She's shorter than I thought she would be and her complexion was a bit 'waxy'.


Anonymous said...

Michael, you are some good looking dude ! why do you need other great looking guys to pose for you, you have it all !
Too bad the blond can not see you.

Michael said...

Don't you mean the 'blind'. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree. You are one hot looking guy. I think your cameraman(Edward I suspect)has caught you at your best, unless Edwards of the mind that the self portrait you did a while back falls in that catagory.

I've been watching Wet Dreams development and enjoyed it a great deal. I almost felt like I could feel the water droplets falling off my chin.

Michael said...

It was my friend Jenny who took this pic.

However, I do think Edward is much more a fan of the self portrait painting than Jenny!