Thursday, February 15, 2007

Leaving (for) Las Vegas

For the third year in a row Edward and I are headed to Las Vegas. He attends a conference and I tag along. It's a nice getaway but since we are not gamblers and we've been there 2 years in a row if we had to choose we'd pick somewhere else. But that is where the conference is and that is where we go. I take the opportunity to make it a business trip for myself as well.

I've come away with 4 pieces inspired by my trips out there. The first was the cowboy "Carson", followed by "Leaving Las Vegas" (pictured). On last years trip we tacked on a couple days at the Grand Canyon, which inspired my piece I called "Natural Wonder". Finally came "Blowout", which drew upon our road trip (from Vegas to the Grand Canyon) on historical Route 66 through Arizona.

Of course, as always, it won't be all work! It is Vegas after all.


Anonymous said...

Quick question, darling. Do you use models for all of your work, or do some of these beautiful men come from your imagination?

I hope you and Edward have a wonderful, warm time in Las Vegas. I can't wait to see what inspiration you bring back with you.

ZeldaFitz :)

Michael said...

The scenes and figures I come up with don't actually exist (except in some commission pieces and a few early works) It's more imagination and evolution.

I think of myself as more of a 'fantasy' artist since my works are not renderings of what is in front of me. I start with an idea and develope it.

Since I am striving to make the fantasy a reality, I do reference reality. For that I look at photos, magazines, myself in a mirror etc. I reference numerous sources for each figure (and background) I come up with. It's not a single pose or a single model I use as a reference guide. I look at chests, and arms, and faces, sometimes my hand or legs in a mirror. Sometimes I need to see water on the skin, suds and lighting effects etc. I 'build' the scene and the figures then it all evolves on the paper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that. Not all artists are so forthcoming.

I like the under water effects in your newest piece. I would imagine that it was a bit of a challenge. And again, I want to thank you for posting your works-in-progress. I love seeing a blank canvas evolving into a finished piece. No matter how many times I see it, I'm still fascinated by the process.

ZeldaFitz :)