Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Couple Commission

My latest piece is a commission that I've accepted. I get inquiries from time to time, and it depends on the details of the project whether I take it on. It might seem snobbish or elitist but the project has to appeal to me in some way, otherwise I won't enjoy it and the result will reflect that. I'd rather pass up a job than do something I won't be proud of or the client won't be happy with.

This work is a concept piece rather than a portrait. The client gave me a basic idea and just a few guidelines and left the rest up to me. The crux of the picture had to be a hot couple in or around a pool. As you all know, I really like getting my men wet, I put them in showers, baths, oceans, etc. and I've done figures getting in or climbing out of pools but having part of their bodies underwater is the new element that I am incorporating that has me all excited. I like a little bit of a challenge and that will be it for this piece. Sure I'll curse and whine while working it out but it will be my motivation.

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Greg said...

Looks GREAT! I am excited to see it when it is all done