Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blizzard of the Century?

Here in Massachusetts we are experiencing our first real snow fall of the season. Every time a bit of snow is forecast it's really quite entertaining. Whenever there is a slight change in the weather, the people here shrug and say "well, that's New England". So it's so bizarre seeing people react as if it has never snowed here before. Perhaps because I come from upstate New York, 60 miles south of Montreal, where people just dealt with the cold and snow that I find the people here so comical. Here in Massachusetts just a mention of snow in the forecast and schools and businesses announce closures the day before. This is not North Carolina folks, as they say, "this is New England!"

And without fail the local TV stations have to send a reporter out into the parking lot to show us what snow is. Without exception they bend down and paw at the snow just in case you aren't familiar with the concept. Then they grab a scraper and illustrate how ice forms on car windows. Pair this with the exodus to the grocery store the night before to stockpile 8 weeks worth of food and water and I just scratch my head. Hard to believe that every soccer mom in the state is driving a 12 ton 14 wheel SUV tank to go to Target everyday but becomes housebound with 3 inches of snow fall.

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