Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Top 10 iTunes - Week Ending 12/22

What I'm listening to and being motivated by while I'm at the drawing board.

1. "I Will Stand" - Claudja Barry
2. "Don’t Be Shy" - Spektrum
3. "In Love With Myself" - Dave Guetta
4. "Da Capo" - Ace of Base
5. "Kiss Me" - Robbie Williams
6. "My Personal Moon" - Madison Park
7. "Intergral" - Pet Shop Boys
8. "Blue" - Sophie B. Hawkins
9. "Don Turbulento" - Yello
10. "Stealing Time" - Above & Beyond

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1 comment:

txsprtsguy said...

Interesting playlist choices. I decided to browse them all and listen to the music. I found that Cladja had an awesome remix that I often looking for. It reminded me of night out with the boys, hot and sweaty, shirts off, dancing to the music and lights and enjoying the moment. You should do a scene like that, where you focus on a couple amist the crowd.