Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dealing with Idiots

So several days ago I get an email from my webhosting company EMC, informing me that the activity at my site is close to the maximum I am allowed on my current plan, which is 25gb.

I send them the following email:

Q: I just got an email that I'm approaching a resource limit, that I'm at 23.3 gb of my 25 gb traffic limit. What happens if I go over? Am I charged a per gb fee?

The answer from EMC is this:

Dec 21, 2006 4:08:38 PM]
A: There may be $0.01 per mb over the 25quota.


What actually happens is this:

Account for domain has been suspended. The reason: activity had exceeded the 25gb allotment for the month.

EMC needs to stop their policy of lying to their customers and causing major inconveniences, or seriously think about training the people that work for them. I was a little nervous with the answer 'there MAY be a charge'. You don't know? It depends on your mood? What?

Now you might think it was just a small mistake. Unfortunately, my dealings with EMC have been this way since they bought out my old hosting company. I'm told one thing, they do another. We tell them my problem with my site, and what they need to fix, they instead make unrelated changes. They never apologize or acknowledge that what finally fixes the issue is what we told them at the beginning.


Bri said...

You should give GoDaddy a look. I pay about $7 per month and get 100 GB space and 1,000 GB in traffic.

I know it sounds like I am pimping, but I dont work for them, I just have all my domains with them.

Log your work!

Michael said...

Thanks for the info Bri,

I've been looking at different places. Since my site is currently written in CF, it's gonna cost me about the same as what I pay now. I also need to find one that supports CF and allows "adult" content.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great business opportunity for someone out there who believes in sexual freedom for consenting adults.

Love your work Michael!!! : )

Hey, how about having some of the men be REALLY HAIRY (like BRUNO) and perhaps a few LOVELY FORESKINS too!!! :-p