Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tighty Whitey Car Wash Success

I was happy to again be a part of their fundraiser by supplying the imagery for their promotional poster.

The PWA Foundation posted this on their website:

THANK YOU to Steve Callow, Mr Steamworks 2008, and all the volunteers, models, donors and sponsors (Priape, 2xist, Steamworks, Café California, Zeldas, Proud FM, Michael Breyette, Kenny Lee, DJ Neil MacLeod, Labatt's, O'Connor Gallery, and StreemMaster) for making the Tighty Whitey Car Wash & pep rally events such a success. $7,000 was raised for PWA!

~Toronto People With Aids Foundation

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Cure? said...

Can't resist another comment, lol. And thanks to you for the hot art work on the posters! Nice to see that people are noticing that HIV/AIDS is and always has been on the rise. I have lived 21 years with HIV, but after 19 years on medications my liver is what is going to cause my demise and it won't be counted by the CDC as an AIDS death, instead Liver Failure. Again the media printing the decline in deaths from HIV, when new infections never fell, and the reality is cases are rising fast. When we are young we think we are the
invincible ones.....until