Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Other Hobby

For regular visitors to this blog, you know I'm a big music fan as I often post my 'work & playlist top 10'. To satisfy my music obsession and give me a creative outlet of another sort I have spun-off a new blog or more like a 'blogazine' called Hot Music Weekly. It's about the music I like in a faux magazine format, where I get to be the editor, designer (there will be weekly covers) and publisher. I'll post and link news stories, articles on artists, the weekly Hot Chart with a new widget from Amazon that plays snippets of my current playlist and whatever else I feel like! If you like pop/dance music that has an 80's influence, stuff that's a little quirky, and a dash on international flavor, check it out. You might discover some new tunes or learn that your favorite 80's band has new material...who' knows? Or suggest in a post an artist or song that you think I might like. I'm always looking for good new music.

Hot Music Weekly isn't actually new, this is just its latest incarnation. From 1996 to 2001 HMW even had it's own website. Way back in high school when everyone was listening to Journey and AC/DC, I was listening to these great Montreal radio stations that played dance music and something new called 'new wave'. So at the end of 1982 I made a countdown of MY favorite songs of the year, 'cuz most the songs I liked weren't on Billboards Hot 100. Who know that sound would become the definitive music of the 80's? Anyway, bginning the first week in 1983, I started to make it a weekly list and except for one hiatus (I must have convinced myself it was silly nonsense and I should let it go) 25 years later I am still doing it. I guess silly nonsense be damned it's just fun to do!


Sarah said...

Yes, have a suggestion. What are the Pet Shop Boys up to now? I have been listening to them non stop the past week. :)

Michael Breyette said...

The Pet Shop Boys are currently writing and working on their next album that has an estimated release date of 2009.

This month will see the release of "I'm in Love With a German Film Star" sung by Sam Taylor-Wood and produced by the Pet Shop Boys. The song is cover of the 1981 version by The Passions.