Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Paris '08 - That's Hot

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Lucrece said...

Where did her tits go? It's somewhat amusing when you use clothing to cover what's not there.

mike said...

John McCain deserves our respect as a former prisoner of war . He is the best choice now that Mrs. Clinton is out of the running .Barack is unqualified , unexperienced ,Unamerican and in my opinion Unelectable .

Many People compare Michele Obama to the late Mrs. Kennedy . What an absolute insult To American royalty . Jackie had taste , style and refinement and unlike Mrs. Obama ,Mrs. Kennedy was proud of her country .

SashimiMark said...

John McCain does not believe gays should be able to adopt.

John McCain not only voted against the MLK Jr national holiday, but also voted to repeal it.

McCain ridiculed Obama's suggestion that we make sure our tires are properly inflated (proper inflation can save 3% on fuel costs) and then the next day admitted that it does help.

He claims that Obama doesn't support the troops, but McCain voted against funding for our troops, minimum rest periods for our troops, better health care for our troops. And then accepted praise from Bush when Senator Webb's GI bill was passed... a bill he spoke out AGAINST, and then didn't even bother to show up for the vote.

That John McCain is a veteran does nothing to earn my respect when the man shows so much disrespect for other veterans.

Iraq and Afganastan veterans gave John McCain a D for his voting record, and Obama a B+.

The man is constantly having to deny things he has said, in spite of being shown video of the things he has said... and he simply just continues to deny.

And Michelle Obama did not say she was not proud of her country. She said, "For the first time in my adult lifetime I am proud of my country." But of course FoxNews leaves out the "in my adult lifetime" part. There have been many times in my adult lifetime that I have not been proud of my country. But Pride and Love are two separate things.

mike said...

What about Bill Ayers , Bernadine dohrn and Rev.Wright . I believe we are judged by the company we keep . If you lie down with dogs you get up wit fleas . The Obamas are garbage in my oppinion .

Anonymous said...

Brig Hillary back .

Anonymous said...

Paris most likely has more qualifications than Obama . I would vote for her before I would cast a vote for Obama .

SashimiMark said...

In addition to having previously referred to Catholicism as “The Great Whore,” controversial pastor John Hagee said on NPR in September 2006 that Hurricane Katrina was the result of God condemning New Orleans because “there was to be a homosexual parade there” the day the hurricane hit — a belief he recently reaffirmed.

This is the kind of company that McCain keeps.

And Obama is the candidate. He won fair and square, no matter how many times Hill tried to pull stunts to sway and downright steal votes. I'm sorry all you Hillary supports can't seem to accept that.