Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On The Drawing Board: Wet Suit

I had to throw on my only suit jacket so I could get a better take on the shapes and folds, and to figure out what you do see and don't see when taking one off. A quick wardrobe change, a click of the camera, and a print out later and I had an image to work from.

I didn't put it on and stand in the shower though. I'll have to improvise that.


Anonymous said...

Michael, once again your talent has amazed me...your attention to detail is spot on...the wrinkling of the wet fabric, the muscle definition, and my personal favorite, the awesome detailing of chest hair! If I could have a man custom-built..I would want you to be my architect. Keep up the great work and may success continue to bless your life. (Cajnmark)

Michael Breyette said...

Thanks Cajnmark! A job designing men...yeah I guess that's what I do. Now to find a way to bring them to life!

I am almost done...hope to make this print available next week. It's a commission so the Original is taken.