Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Erotic Signature @ XART in LA

Erotic Signature was invited to showcase the book ("The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today") in the XART Gallery at the EROTICA LA Convention. Though they are still awaiting the books from the publisher they did have a mock up copy to display. In their newsletter they said the book was well received and they included a few photos of the event. I was happy to notice that "Franco" was displayed prominently. "Franco" along with "Lathered Up" are two of my works accepted for inclusion in the coffee table collection of erotic art (straight, gay and in between). The books are due to be released very soon, a week or so. I am looking forward to getting my copies.


Jessica said...

Great news! Are you going to be selling any signed copies, or should I just plan to get this elsewhere?

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Jessica,

I have given it some thought, but haven't completely decided. Erotic Signature is offering wholesale pricing but I am unsure of the details. They also plan to have an affiliate program, paying a small percentage for books sold through special links. I don't know if I will do either of those. Since it is a book of erotic art and not primarily homo-erotic art I don't know if it would have major appeal to my core 'audience'. I may provide an Amazon Affiliate link and leave it at that.