Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A need to "Escape"

Here is my latest work, "Escape", inspired by the hot young guys I've noticed zooming around on their sport bikes this summer. You see them arched over their motorcycles, arms forward, legs wide around the machine and their ass jutting out. I used my artistic license, as I am inclined to do, to rev up the provocativeness even a bit more.

When I am working on a picture the details and back stories for the figures further develop in my head. The action in this scene certainly evokes a sense of 'freedom', and 'freedom' insinuates a liberation from something, but what? With his pinstriped shirt it could be a guy getting away, heading for the mountains of upstate after a hectic week in the city. That in part made me choose to make it a New York state license plate and also because I am originally from upstate NY. I then began to realize that it was representational of my own 'escape', only I was escaping FROM the rural, conservative, and slightly oppressive upstate region to a more diverse and accepting metropolitan area.

We all need to escape sometime from something, for an hour, a weekend or longer.

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