Thursday, July 05, 2007

Meeting Alan at the Reception

Alan Ilagan, myself, and Ian (owner of Little Gorgeous Things).

Michael (of Little Gorgeous Things) and Alan, hold up his portrait I did, "Alan in Blue".

One of the unexpected highlights of the gallery show in Provincetown was meeting Alan Ilagan in person.

As soon as Edward and I arrived we unpacked and took a walk down Commercial street, the towns main drag. Right at the start of the street I see a cute guy taking pictures of garden flowers with his cell phone. I only see his profile but I tell Edward that the guy looks A LOT like Alan Ilagan. When we get to the gallery, Michael one of the staff members tells me that Alan, the guy in my painting "Alan in Blue" stopped in and will be coming to the reception.

So it was really great to finally meet in person. We have known each other only through email for at least 3 years. I was nervous a bit, but of course he was as sweet as could be.

We first got in touch with each other when he wrote me after visiting my website. I visited his site, and found him very charming, interesting and with all the photos of him on his site, very cute too so I asked if I could do a pastel of him. Last year when Bruno Gmünder approached me about doing a book they asked if I knew anyone who would write the foreword, and of course I thought of my freelance writer friend Alan Ilagan.

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