Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Newest Work: "Oopsy Daisy"

There's nothing like frolicking around on a summer day... a fresh breeze, the warm sun on your skin, grass between your toes. It's important to take time to enjoy nature's wonder, whether it be a simple flower or each other. After all, we are all examples of nature's wonder too. So in your day to day haste, take a moment to appreciate the nature that presents itself to you. Because if you're not mindful, before you know it... oopsie daisy, it's gone.

Gosh I hope this isn't a sign of spring fever already, it's only the beginning of January!

Oopsy Daisy will be part of my show Seasons of Love later this year at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery. The original is available for purchase through the gallery now, but cannot be delivered until after the show ends August 31st.

Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available through my online studio at the Special First Day Price through Midnight ET tomorrow.  

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Jorge Bandarra said...

Suddenly, spring fever is here !