Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Release: "Rough Riders"

Amidst the rumbling engine and scent of leather the two alpha dogs size each other up. Fully aware of being assessed by the other, there is no lack of confidence beneath the taught denim and hard worked muscles. There will be no backing down. It will take both strength and stamina to determine which will dominate and which will ultimately submit.

Once I had decided on the theme of my upcoming show, Iconic, I immediately knew that I would be doing a piece inspired by the stylized drawings of Tom of Finland. Rough Riders is that piece. The original is available for immediate purchase, but must remain with the Lyman-Eyer gallery through the end of my show this July.

Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available for purchase at the Special First Day Price through Midnight ET tomorrow at www.breyette.com

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