Saturday, April 24, 2010

on the drawing board: cheeky

Here's is just a corner of what I am working on.  My inspiration is Australian lifeguards.  

It was many years ago when I first encountered a pictorial of the sexy Aussies in a mens workout book or magazine.  I was particularly flustered and enticed by the way they wore their budgie smugglers (a.k.a. Speedos) rolled up into a thong.  I never really gave it much thought as to why they did that, I just enjoyed. 

Many years later I learned, they do  that during surf boat races, in order to glide smoothly on the plastic seats.  Surf boats, unlike other competitive rowing boats, do not have seats that move with the rower. Apparently the smooth plastic, the toned bums, and a bit of seawater for lubrication gives them the glide they need.  It works for them, and it works for me.  :-)