Friday, June 05, 2009

First Day of Release: La Dolce Vita

A perfect day winds down as the couple shares a romantic dance by the cascading fountain and dusk falls upon the Italian piazza. Hand in hand and moving as one they are lost in their own moment as music serenades the duo into an equally perfect night. Together, living la dolce vita.

Thank you to all who participated in naming my latestwork! With hundreds of titles submitted, I had plenty to choose from. Each was a wonderful example of all the different and insightful interpretations that can be made from one image. Ultimately though, I had to pick one. I sifted through and rated them on the general appeal of the title... how it rolls off the tongue, cleverness... I like titles if they can add or enhance the piece, and apropos... how well the title related to the scene. I finally decided on La Dolce Vita. It has a nice ring to it, the sweet life conjures nice warm feelings and it establishes the locale as Italian. Congrats to the winner! Your prize, a limited edition studio print, is on its way!

The original is on consignment with the Lyman-Eyer gallery and will be in my upcoming show, The Breathtaking Blue in July. Limited Edition Gallery and Studio prints, as well as open edition Portfolio prints, are available for purchase at my online studio. The special First Day of Release price is only in effect until Saturday midnight ET.

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Rob T. said...

Beautiful art & words...