Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Name It, Win It Contest!

I have a lot fun naming my works, and on occasion I like to share that. Sometimes I begin a work with a name in mind, and other times the right name just escapes me. 

So with my latest piece I am asking for suggestions (submit through the website, don't post on here) for a title, and if I pick yours you'll win a limited edition studio print of it! In the case of identical answers the prize winner will be the person whose email I received first. Submission cut-off time is 8AM ET Friday, June 5th. 

This work will be released on Friday, June 5th with all prints available at the special Day of Release price through Midnight on Saturday, June 6th.


Stephen said...

How about,

True loves first dance.

From Stephen in the 808

Rainbow said...

Dancin'in the twilight?