Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Release: "Farmhand"

Way out in the back field is the old abandoned barn. That’s where he found them, a stash of late ‘80’s gay porn mags. Now, whenever his chores take him back there he takes them out from under the floor boards where he’s hidden them and gets off. It’s his place and his time. If they only knew…if anyone knew…the hard bodied all-American farmhand, fantasizing about these hot pretty boys, staring back at him smiling, naked, inviting…

As with my previous work, my latest, "Farmhand", will be a part of my upcoming show The Breathtaking Blue. The original is on consignment at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery. It is available for purchase, but will remain with the gallery through the end of my show in July.

Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints, as well as open edition portfolio prints, are available for purchase. The Day of Issue Sale ends at midnight Thursday January 15th.

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