Monday, January 12, 2009

A nice little pick me up from Jerry Vile

Every so often comes one of those moments that makes you stop and look back at where you started and how all your work, and the ups and downs along the way have actually moved you along.

Most of the time it's seems like one day is just followed by another and there is not a lot of forward momentum. But then you have those moments, like the first time I had a piece of my art featured in a magazine, when Bruno Gmünder published "Summer Moved On", or Lyman-Eyer Gallery took me on full time. Sometimes it's not even the event itself, like when I had quit my day job. It wasn't the act of quitting, it was later when I had to fill out a form that asked my occupation and I wrote 'artist' for the first time.

Any way I had another one of those moments today, in the form of a little simple note. I think the timing was important. I just needed that little pick-me-up that it provided. It was in an email from Jerry Vile, the creator and director of the Dirty Show, an exhibit I was invited to participate in.

You (and a couple others) were pulled from the general submit.

It might be a little early in your career-- but we thought you were ready.
You are on your way to becoming one of the best known artists in your genre.

- That made my day.

Jerry Vile is the creator and director of the infamous Dirty Show®, considered to be the largest erotic art exhibition in the world. Now in its tenth year, the Dirty Show is expanding globally with simultaneous opening events planned for most continents. Vile and his Dirty Show® cohorts (Jeremy H and Gary A) believe that “erotica is perhaps the final frontier in the art world” and are continually seeking artists who will take the erotica to the next level.

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Russ Manley said...

I love your work, man. Have no art creds, but the way you portray men's bodies and faces moves me, engages my attention, draws me into the picture. Your stuff has a sinuous, sensual, palpable quality, a certain aesthetic depth, a je ne sais quoi that is irresistible to the eye and to the heart.

Or hell to say it in plainer English: your work is just fucking beautiful, buddy. always a delight. it moves me.

Hope you don't mind me featuring some of your stuff over on my blog from time to time. (If ya do just say so.) Really, really like the way you do what you do. Keep it up bud.