Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hershey's Mockolate...ewww!

Beware chocolate lovers when out shopping this coming Valentine's Day, the Hershey company has replaced cocoa butter in many of it's products with vegetable oil...yummmm (not!).

In an effort to cut costs and increase profit for shareholders the company has opted to degrade the quality of their product and add more unhealthy vegetable oils to consumers diets.

Earlier, chocolate industry lobbyist attempted to sway the FDA to change the definition of chocolate to allow them to substitute vegetable oils for cocoa butter. The FDA ruled on the side of public outcry and did not make the change.

Hershey has removed the words 'milk chocolate' and substituted words like 'chocolate candy', 'made with chocolate' or 'chocolatey'.

Ray Peat, Ph.D., a physiologist who has studied hormones and dietary fats since 1968 says, the polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs in vegetable seed oils are the bane of human health — they actually cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, thrombosis, arthritis, and immunodeficiencies. Their only appropriate use, he says, is as ingredients in paints and varnishes.


Mareen said...

I think you mean "saturates" rather than poly-unsaturates, because polyunsaturates (or omega fatty acids) are actually healthy.

The thing that's most unhealthy is the fact that these are hardened fats (chemically altered). The body can't process these molecules and ends up putting it into your arteries and stuff. Not great.

Michael Breyette said...

Actually, no. Saturated fats have gotten a bad rap due to mis-interpreted data and distortions by the food industry. The body actually makes its own saturated fats, organs such as the heart require it.

Polyunsaturated oils are made of extremely fragile and unstable long-chain fatty acids. When polyunsaturated vegetable oil is ingested it is exposed to temperatures high enough to cause its toxic decomposition, especially when combined with a continuous supply of oxygen and catalysts such as iron.

Despite all the 'healthy' eating advice, cancer, heart disease and obesity rates have risen tremendously as saturated fats have been replaced with so-called healthy fats over the past 50 years.

Mark said...

Not to mention that almost all vegetable oils are already rancid when they hit the store shelves. They actually add perfumes to vegetable oils to mask the scent of their rancidity. So yeah, saturated fats are not bad for you.

Ann Somerville said...

I think you mean hydrogenated vegetable oils - i.e. the margarines and so on - which yes, mega bad for you. They're the ones exposed to heat and so on. Butter is better for you than this stuff.

Having eaten Hershey's chocolate, I find it outrageous it was *ever* called chocolate. It's revolting. It's full of wax, which no decent chocolate is or should be. Come to Europe or Australia and wrap your laughing gear around some real, decent Cadbury's. You won't know what hit you :)

Mark said...

Actually, no. He and I both meant vegetable oils. Hydrogenated or not.

Take a look at Unhealthy Vegetable Oils.

As for butter, it's not only better for you than this stuff, it's actually good for you.

Anonymous said...

Michael and Mark,

You both are right on. Michael I see you are trying to raise money for MS for your friend. I'm not donating money at this time but would like you to know that you can contact Dr. Peat via his site and ask him for his past news articles on MS. He has two that I'm aware of. They may not have a medical cure for MS but who needs one when you can eat the right foods. Coconut Oil is a beautiful thing.