Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day of Issue: Down for The Count

He’s mysterious and intriguing, dashing with a wicked smile and a stare that sets you on fire, so when The Count invites you to his castle and then into his bed chamber what’s a young man to do - but get down for The Count?

The last few years I’ve indulged in doing a piece to celebrate each Halloween. It gives me a chance to have a little wicked fun with my artwork and no better time for a little fun. Previously I’ve done a devil “Diablo” and a werewolf “Leader of the Pack”. So for 2008 it was time for a vampire, and I wanted to shoot for the top and do my interpretation of Count Dracula.

Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available for purchase. The Day of Issue Sale is on through Midnight Thursday October 9.

The Original is available through the Lyman-Eyer Gallery of Provincetown MA.

1 comment:

Bunnster said...

Michael: If I wasn't already invested in another of your works, I'd switch gears and snap this one up. Definitely another favorite. Not sure if my partner would like it too much, but there's still room on my office wall. :) Keep up the good work!