Friday, October 24, 2008

Eeeek! My Credit Card Processing Company is anti-gay!

I just discovered that First Data Card Services, the company that processes credit card orders for my website, has endorsed, a hate group working to pass Prop. 8 in California.

Prop. 8 is the attempt to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples.

I'll be talking to my bank to see if they have other card service providers they work with.

To other fairminded business owners, especially GLBT business owners, consider switching card processing companies if you're using First Data.

See Update.


Anonymous said...

Groups against non-man/woman marriage are "hate groups"? It appears more to me that the hate is coming from the opposite direction.

SashimiMark said...

How would you suggest describing those who are against equality? You sound just like Palin, who likes to talk about Obama's ties to terrorists, yet says she wouldn't use the word terrorists to describe individuals who bomb abortion clinics. I guess she's too afraid of upsetting her core supporters.

Michael Breyette said...

Yes, HATE groups. The 'other side' isn't trying to deny opposite sex couples the right to marry who THEY love.

I'm sure it might not seem like hate if you're not the object of their wrath.

You might want to look at the world the way it actually is rather than just how it 'appears' to you. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.