Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You (but not you) Tube

On the Drawing Board by Breyette

After being posted on YouTube for a couple years, yesterday I get a notice saying this video (a little promo I made for my book "On the Drawing Board") is in violation of their community guidelines. Mind you I did not include any explicit erections or overly graphic depictions of genitalia.

First of all, it's artwork, second any hint of genitalia is very very minor.  It's nothing that you would not see on a Greek or Roman statue in any museum.

Thirdly, their use of the term "community guidelines" is particularly annoying, insinuating that people who appreciate and do not fear the human form are not members of "the community".  Why is it the prudes, homophobes, and gymnophobes get to dictate what they feel is acceptable? I find forcing their fears and repressed sexuality onto others to be unacceptable 'community' behavior.

My last bone to pick, is that YouTube allows users to report and log complaints against the videos that get posted but they don't allow you to report the hateful bigoted comments that users post to videos.  I've seen so many hateful homophobic comments using the f****t word posted on YouTube, but apparently they have no issue with that.  Show men kissing, or a butt, or a drawing of a flaccid penis and they're suddenly concerned about upsetting the 'community'.

Well, I decided to just close my account, SCREW YOU YOUTUBE. 


Nikolaos said...

Depressing, isn't it? Two men kissing gets a warning ("may offend") but a man and a woman kissing is OK. Pathetic.

Can you upload the videos on your own website? I'm sure it must be feasible, though I would have no idea how to do it, having no aptitude for photography at all.

Michael Breyette said...

I have posted it on DailyMotion.com but have not added the video to my own webpage yet.