Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uptight House Wives 'Out' and 'Smear' Teacher Who Writes Erotic Fiction

Story reported by Kena Vernon

A Pennsylvania English teacher of 25 years is being vilified by Wendy Apple and a few other uptight members of her community after being 'outed' for her side job as a published author...of romance (erotic) fiction.

The teacher uses the pen name Judy Mays, and never mentions her other career to students or faculty let alone hand her books to students to read.  But these repressed 'mothers' who apparently gave birth by emmaculate conception think it's okay to smear someones personal business around their community.

Must teachers now be eunuchs?  How do we jump from someone who writes (or even things about sex to them being a dangerous pedophile?  If that's where your mind goes then you're the one with the perverted thoughts.

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Pirate said...

This is disgraceful and real evidence of how children can be brought up to believe that sex is disgusting and immoral instead of a healthy, natural and enjoyable part of life. Like food! It saddens me that these parents (who look like they may not have seen a penis in a while, let's face it)have such little erotic imagination and feel proud to supress it in others.