Thursday, April 21, 2011

on the drawing board: feeling retro

I certainly enjoy my cowboys.  I find myself wanting to do a cowboy themed piece almost every year. This time I find myself also revisiting a previous work, but in another way.  Many years ago I did a similar piece, not a cowboy but a nude figure sleeping. While I have particular themes I go back to time and again, I generally don't repeat a pose and activity, virtually the same scene, that I've done before.  But it's been a long time, and though it's a similar pose, it's a slightly different angle and it's a cowboy! 


Running 2 Nowhere said...

Very nice, Michael!

I also love the artwork in your letterhead. That is one of the sexiest poses I have ever seen... and that smile melts my heart.

Where is this guy? I need a man just like that in my life!

Michael Breyette said...

Unfortunately he's only in my head (and on paper). :-)