Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Release: Buck!

The only sounds he hears are the chirping of birds and the rustling of wind through the trees; the air is damp and mossy and scented of pine and a hint of smoke from the hearth. The floor planks of the small cabin creek beneath his feet. It is a beautiful day. He has no clock to watch, no emails to answer, no newsfeed to fret over, no fashion to be a slave too. It's just him and nature.

I find it strange that we live in a society that is forever developing new technologies to make our lives easier. Instead, why not just live a simpler life?

While the original is available for purchase, it is a part of my new show next summer and cannot be delivered until after my exhibit ends on July 22, 2010. Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are also available at the Special First Day Price through Midnight ET tomorrow.

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Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Michael - That is a beautiful piece, and your accompanying wish for a simpler way of life really hit home with me. I've often thought of how much better it would be if we could escape from the ever-mounting details of the modern world, and all its instant communication and technological "advancements". Thanks for the reminder.