Thursday, December 03, 2009

on the drawing board: grin and bear it

I've done blue eyes many times in my works, and though I've tried giving my guys very light blue eyes before, I usually darken them because they look a little too alien. This time I started with gray eyes and just added a hint of blue and that worked much better.


dmappin said...

It looks very sexy so far, Michael... cannot wait to see more pics of it in progress.. and the finished product.

Generally speaking, how long does a piece of work take to complete from start to finish?

Anonymous said...

the blue eyes and facial hair are speaking loud and clear to me

Michael Breyette said...

If I define 'start' as the point when I have finished the layout and design of what I am going to do and am ready to put pastel to paper...I probably spend 7-10 days working on it. If I count the whole process it's perhaps 2-3 weeks.