Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Work: Winds of Change

The sky darkens as winds whip into a frenzy, announcing the approach of the coming storm. Though you've been caught with your pants down, you take the necessary steps to weather it out. For a while things get rough and unpredictable, but soon it passes. In its wake some things are swept away. But eventually new growth rises from the fallen trees, structures are rebuilt stronger than before, and you're better prepared for the next storm.

The original is on consignment with the Lyman-Eyer gallery. While available for purchase, it will remain with the gallery through the end of my upcoming show, the Breathtaking Blue, this July. Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints as well as open edition Portfolio prints are available for purchase through my online studio


Anonymous said...

This man ticks all the boxes for me, Michael - my perfect fantasy!

Neil said...

looks awesome. very well painted!

Anonymous said...

Fun print!
What's in the guy's hand?
Also, just a request.
Would really, really love it if the close up detail options on your website would always include one separate closeup of the guy's manhood.
Love the look here of the smooth balls and the hint of hair around his cock.
Would love to see it close up on your website.
Thanks for another great image!

Michael Breyette said...

It's his underwear...that he had to get off the clothes line before the storm came.

About showing close ups of the manhood...well I can't give it all away. There has to be some incentive to buy a print :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you're a great artist and a smart salesman . . .
but what about a little tease?
a detail square that has just a hint of that area - the sack, the head, the hair.
I love to be teased.

M. said...

simply perfect!