Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Stripped: Uncensored"

Hold on to your pants!

The follow up to the successful "Stripped" book is on it's way.  "Stripped: Uncensored" is the next collection of gay erotic works from new and established artists published by Bruno Gmünder.

I heard from the publisher today that my work has been among those accepted in this new release, yay!  And the according to the layout I've seen, my pieces have been placed at the very beginning of the book.  Cool.

"Stripped: Uncensored" is scheduled for release in Europe in June, the North America in August. 


Smadraji said...

Nice Posting

KentClark said...

Cool. I still think you should get a tattoo.
"If found return to Edward_______DVM at 555-lost."

Michael Breyette said...

lol Kent, Edward would like that! Now where on my body should I get that tattooed? :-)

Anonymous said...

I would prefer he be microchipped!!

Anonymous said...

You are very charming and beautiful, Michael!
I´m Brazilian and I think you are a true artist and a cool guy.