Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Escape" a Summer Hit

Well, thanks for all the notes of support and to everyone who made it down to the show this past Friday. I had a great time meeting and greeting many new faces and some familiar ones. A few more sales during and since the reception has brought the total to a whopping seven originals sold since bringing my work to the gallery just under a month ago. Some framed prints and numerous print orders have been made through the Lyman-Eyer gallery too.

It was fun, despite my shyness and aversion to meeting people, but a little white wine, and Jim Lyman the gallery owner keeping things moving made it just great.

After the show, Edward and I were joined by four friends, Andrea, Colleen, Melitta and Lauren, at the Mews Restaurant for an exquisite meal...and more wine. I think our table might have been haunted though. The light at our table would dim and brighten, go out completely then come back on. Our cute Latin waiter, Roberto, thought we were crazy (or intoxicated) for a while, but he finally saw it too.

Perhaps my dread of art receptions is waning because I am looking forward to doing it again!

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