Saturday, July 19, 2008

Appreciating Art

When the Lyman-Eyer Gallery took me on and decided to represent me, I did not know what to expect. Exhibiting is one of the aspects the art biz that I have not ventured into very often. I knew of the Lyman-Eyer Gallery and also knew that it is one of the leading galleries that deal in male figurative works in this region. I knew my track record and that I've have done fairly well over the years considering that people are buying my artwork over the Internet and not seeing it in person. I was pleased to learn that the gallery owner knew of my work. I know I have my own book, appeared in others, have my own calendars and been in numerous magazines, but it's really hard to gauge how well known my work is.

So what would this union of my art and a major gallery bring, especially in this economic climate? Well, happy to say it's gone beyond my expectations. The gallery started displaying my originals in mid June, and as of today has sold 9! I've always priced my work on how well it's selling. As an artist that's really all you have to go by. Of course one likes to think each piece is a priceless masterpiece but it's really the buyers not the seller that makes that determination.

In just a month or so with the gallery I can already see how my work is being elevated, valued and appreciated, and it's happening quite quickly. Over the years I've made modest increases based on how quickly my inventory is moving. Yet selling 9 at the gallery and another 6 through my website, is like nothing I've ever experienced before. I'm excited and nervous. It's a funny business, Art.

Looking back at sales of originals over the years, I am really amazed. Just 4 years ago framed originals sold for an average of $1000-$1200. This year it looks like they will average $2700-$3000. I certainly 'appreciate' my buyers for giving me the opportunity to earn a living with my work and am happy that their investment in me will be worth their while.

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