Thursday, May 01, 2008

Madonna: "Love Profusion"

One of her best.

The new Madonna album Hard Candy has just come out, and while I haven't heard enough yet to decide whether I like it, I have a feeling it will be a huge success. Unfortunately the reason it will likely do well is the reason I have mixed feelings about it: employing Timbaland as a producer and going for a definite (and tired) hip hop sound. The song 4 Minutes has an initial hook but after a half dozen listens it fades quickly and Madonna is so lost in the track that I forget it's even her. I do like Miles Away and hope to discover a few other gems.

While her 2003 album American Life is often criticized and labeled a dud, I think it had some awesome tracks, including her best song in 10 years, Love Profusion. And just look at her in this video, she looks great, like a fresh 1940's starlet, a Betty Grable, and not a (Hard Candy) circus dominatrix. But she's still great...

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