Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diagnosis: Post Pastel Depression?

so... I've noticed that I typically have a day or two of the 'blahs' after finishing a piece. I just feel depressed. I've never been really sure why. I've thought that it might have something to do with releasing a new illustration and not having it sell right away. There was a time when my new pieces would sell within a day or even hours after release. That was nice but it also made me aware that I was underpricing my work. Now things are more balanced, but maybe the hopes that someone will immediately snatch up my newest creation is still with me and I get the blues when it doesn't happen.

But now I don't think that theory is correct. Today I've found myself feeling down again, and I haven't even released a new work... but, I did just finish one. I've been working on pieces that I am saving to debut at my upcoming show in July. So I think my depression has more to do with finishing a painting than it does with not selling one. I guess it's a reaction to the end of something, like the end of a relationship, end of a vacation, just the feeling of loss. When I am working on a picture, part of myself is there, in that world I am creating. Then suddenly it's done, it's over, I leave it behind. I'm back to reality and I don't have that place to escape to anymore.

Time to create a new world to step into.


Logophilos said...

I'm exactly the same when I finish a new story, and after I post it. I'm all antsy to hear what people think and when the emails don't come, i think I'm useless.

Like you, the only cure is to start something new. Artistic types, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Michael, you are such an amazing man & talent, you have it in bucket loads! I dont think it is to do with selling your work, I think you hit the nail on the head that it is that sence of loss when a piece is completed! Remember that you have stax of fans & we can't wait to see what's next ... Hugs D x