Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art of the Month: Rainstorm

Rain. We curse and avoid it, either staying indoors or shielding ourselves with umbrellas and coats. But in the right setting, it can be so beautiful: a city street at night, bathed in the silver of falling rain, car lights glowing in the mist, the patter as it hits the sidewalk. If you dare to venture into it, you'll feel each droplet exploding on your body, the rivulets trickling down your torso as your clothing clings fast to your skin.

Being the month notorious for rain, I selected Rainstorm as my art of the month for April.

Now through the 30th, all prints and magnets featuring Rainstorm are 15% off at my gallery site, In addition ALL Gallery Prints including Rainstorm are 20% until April 15th.

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