Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Countdown to Vegas

Soon Edward and I will be off to Vegas (yes again!) as he attends the annual veterinary conference there. To make the most of the trip we got tickets to Bette Midler's new show, The Showgirl Must Go On, at Caesars Palace. When we got the tickets several months ago we had no idea that it was opening night. It was so early the tickets were fairly reasonable.

As much as I find Las Vegas annoying after a few hours, I really am looking forward to the show, getting away from the snow, and meeting up with a couple friends of ours who are coming out for a few days as well.


Anonymous said...

Vegas... there's some inspiration for a future project (plus you can write off the trip)

Jacksonville, FL

Michael Breyette said...

I've done several pieces from previous trips (Carson, Leaving Las Vegas, and Natural Wonder. The latter after a jaunt out to the Grand Canyon). Perhaps this time I'll find inspiration to use Las Vegas itself as the setting.