Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Emerald Isle

Edward and I and our friend Jenny are traveling to Ireland tomorrow (which happens to be my birthday). I am looking forward to the trip. I've never been and have only been to Europe once before. We arrive in Dublin then are driving to the west coast spending a couple days in Cork then ending in Lahinch with beer, food and sights along the way.

Jenny initially was planning to go and somehow Edward and I got invited along. We had airfare vouchers from giving up our seats on a previous trip so our flight is basically free. It was about 8 months ago we started planning and I've been stashing a little money away each month to cover my share of the hotel, car etc. It was also partly what gave me the inspiration to create "Patrick" back in March. Perhaps we'll encounter some fine Irishmen like him along the way. I know Jenny would like that! I'll be back in about a week and hope to have some good pics!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Have a safe trip and I know you guys will have a great time, I am very jealous. Don't forget about bringing me home a nice irish boy (or a not so nice one) ;)
Happy Birthday!


timldn said...

Happy Birthday! and in Ireland to celebrate it. How lucky! Let everyone know it is your birthday and they will roll out the barrel for you. Pity we cant tempt you across the Irish Sea to see us in Britain. Maybe next time.