Thursday, November 29, 2007

Something you 'Crave'

It can start as subtle stimulation, like a sports car ad on television, the scent of a freshly baked pie, or the tantalizing touch of a lovers tongue. That tingling feeling within grows into a wanting, a yearning. Though you may try to quell your desires, the intensity can sometimes build until nothing can seem to stop it. Ultimately you reach the point where you gotta have it! But after all, it's sometimes best to indulge in the things you crave.

"Crave" is available from my website as:

* Original (image size 22.5" x 17.75")
* Gallery Prints (on 28" x 24") signed & numbered limited edition (qty 50).
* Studio prints (on 19" x 13") signed & numbered limited edition (qty 100).
* Portfolio prints (on 11" x 8.5") open edition.

During the 'Day of Issue Sale' they are 20% off. Sale ends around midnight Midnight (EDT) November 30, 2007. Framing is also available.

[Click to order]

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