Friday, May 11, 2007

Work on Commissions

I know...I am overdue to post pics of my next work in progress. "Strength" came out April 26th, and typically I would have at least started something new by now. Well I have been working. The thing is, I have had numerous requests for commissioned works and I have been communicating back and forth with the clients to transform their ideas into a sketch. Once I get their approval on the layout then I can begin. So the beginning process takes a bit longer as we go back and forth, often a partner has to be consulted as well, so it gets slowed down. That's one of the drawback with commissions.

One of the things I like about them is taking someone else's concept and putting my own take on it. I don't accept every commission that comes along. The ideas still have to be something that sparks my interest.

Pictured above are the last four works that were commissioned. The sketch of "Ace" is what the client saw and approved for me to commence with.

The new projects I have taken on include, a couple getting ready for a special night out, a couple having fun at the beach, and yet another couple in a first night encounter.

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