Monday, May 21, 2007

"In Denial" - Pet Shop Boys & Kylie Minogue

In denial, no my life’s a trial
I’m not denying that every
Little bit hurts
It’s a problem that I’m not solving
Don’t mind admitting
I feel like quitting this job
For a while getting away
Before it gets any worse today

You’re in denial, and that is final
You’re not admitting
You should be quitting all these
Queens and fairies
And muscle marys
The rough trade boyfriend
Who in his pathetic own way
Denies he’s gay
Why can’t you see
This is a fantasy world

I’m not denying
I could be trying
A little harder
To deal with some of this stuff

Know what I’m thinking
Less drugs and drinking
No cigarettes and you’d feel
A little less rough

Is that enough
My life is absurd
I’m living it upside down
Like a vampire
Working at night and
Sleeping all day
A dad with a girl
Who knows he’s gay

Can you love me anyway

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AC said...

Hey Mike!

Maybe some of my insane rants will spark some future ideas. "The Nieghbor Chronicles" So as I sat in my car in my driveway, so did he. I turned the key, nothing. Damn!!! I turned the key again, Fuck!! I look over at him in his pickup truck and wave and motion for help. "Can you jump me?" In my mind I think of more ways than one. He smiles and walks over. He strangely says my name repeatedly. He pushes me out of the driveway and pulls his truck up next to my car. He takes charge, grabbing cables, hooking things up, cleaning off the battery connections. I peer through the crack of the windshield and hood to find myself staring, studying. He is younger Jackson with a broader nose and fuller lips. MMMmmmmmm! I try to start the car, nothing, I try again. We wait for the car to charge and make idle conversation. He's a carpenter, oh my word!!! Of course. He offers his services if I ever need them. AAhhhhgh. I know you can imagine the filth flying through my mind. He offers me a ride, which I shyly decline. One last time to turn the key, the car starts. "Anything you need, let me know." as I wave and thank him gratefully. A nice little twist to a shitty situation.