Friday, May 25, 2007

A Room with out a "View"

Rosie O'Donnell won't return to "The View". She has opted not to return for her final 3 weeks.

This comes days after the much talked about confrontation between Rosie and the ever obnoxious Elisabeth Hasselback.

After that episode I cancelled my TiVo season pass for the show, before even knowing that Rosie would not be back, though I was probably not going to watch after she exited in June anyway.

I won't watch "The View" anymore because Elisabeth makes me puke. Elisabeth's performance on that episode was very sickening. I never agreed with her pro-Bush politics and wondered how she could be so blind, but she showed her true colors as a person and a friend on Wednesday's episode. Elisabeth is an class A 'patridiot', she's dispassionate, she stabbed her 'supposed' friend Rosie in the back, and she's as phony as Bush, no wonder she can't get enough of him. She's fake and obnoxious and as patriotic as a puppet. Love her or not, Rosie was loud, real and compassionate, and I look forward to her next endeavor.

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