Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sneak Peak

I am not keen on showing my work before it's finished. Partly I think that it might jinx it and cause it not to turn out. However, I thought you might enjoy getting an in-progress glimpse of what's on my drawing board. This face is not done, even as I upload this snapshot I see things I want to change. For me the faces in my work are the most critical part. Once I am happy with the face, I am fairly confident the rest will come together.


Nichevo said...

Hello, Michael, welcome to blogger. I have been following your art for some time now and get your newsletter regularly (that's how I found your blog!) I will add you to my reads and links over at Nichevo ( and will check in on you regularly. I love your art, much love to you and the bf

Alan Saugey said...

Hello Michael, thank you for letting us all read your thoughts. I am happy to say I have some of your works hanging in my life and look forward to getting more. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

Happy Holidaze!

Ismael Álvarez said...

Hello Michael!, welcome to the blogger world! :). I'm happy that you stay here :).

Awesome progress, i love this face, very sensual :)

Kisses from Spain!

Ismael Álvarez

erchuud said...

Welcome to blogger world.
I am crazy about your art.
My name is Demuul .