Saturday, November 25, 2006

Romney hates children, America

Ok that may be overstating things. But if lame duck Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is going to present himself as patriotic and pro-children then he better take another look at himself. Romney, has decided to rally support for his Presidential campaign by appealing to bigotry by using same-sex marriage and children as his maypole.

Romney against America
He may disagree but America’s core foundation, the pricipal's it was founded on, are freedom and equality for all, regardless of class, race, religion, disablities etc. If two consenting adults wish to marry, it does not harm or affect anyone else if they are of the same sex. By excluding certain Americans the same rights and freedoms afforded others simply because of their gender is simply un-American.

Romney against children

Romney recently said at a same-sex marriage rally, “What (the judges) ignored is that marriage is not primarily about adults; marriage is about the nurturing and development of children. ... Every child deserves a mother and a father.” So, what about Romney’s oh so heartfelt concern for children? What about gay and lesbian children? Does he care about them? What message of nurturing development does banning same-sex marriage send to 12 or 14 year olds at that awkward stage of sexual discovery. It says, you are different and unacceptable; you are a sub citizen, its okay to ostracize you and exclude you. You are not worthy, America rejects your kind. What kind of damage does this do to a developing child? This is the message from someone who cares about children? I don’t think so. More like the selfish aspirations of a power hungry politician willing to harm children to get to the top. Marriage is not a prerequisite for being a parent. Nor does being a parent require you to be married. Marriage does not guarantee that children will be loved and nurtured by both or even one parent. If ‘every child deserves a mother and a father’ shouldn’t Romney also be campaigning to ban divorce for couples with children? Ah, but that would be unpopular, better he stick to hating the gays.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Romney is an embarrassment to the US, and particularly to the US northeast, which is supposedly liberal and forward-looking in its outlook and aspirations. It always amazes me that in the US, which still thinks of itself as the world's torch-bearer of freedom and democracy, public officials like Romney continue to be elected. Fortunately, Romney and those like him are preaching to an ever-diminishing audience.

Anonymous said...

I love your Work. I love don't ask don't tell. In 1978 i watched my lover die after he went through glass door. I held him in my arms and waited for the medics to arrive! I could not tell him how much I loved him for fear of dishonorable discharge. I trust my son buys a copy of it for Christmas, he asked what i wanted and i asked for that. My Son is in the Marines and within the next few months be in Iraq. You do incredible work. thanks

Danielle said...

I agree with your view on Romney, full hartedly, and I am also reminded of what is heppening at my school curently. I go to a California high school and was formerly part of a club known as project 10. Project 10 was (to me and others, still is) a club dedicated to everyone. To helping teenagers who are in need of advice, encouragment, friendship, and who need a sence of belonging, etc. Sadly, as of late the homophobic school board has shut us down. My fellow project 10 supporters have tried to re-instate the club, only to find out that by doing so the teacher who watches over us and support us may (most likely will) lose her job if we try. So in the end we are now nothing but a gathering, a group of teenagers hiding in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

So this last election is a sign that the Reign of Stupidity that has held America down since before 9-11 is coming to an end.

The "Ban Gay Marriage" crusade is starting to lose it's power and appeal, and the issue will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court anyway. But, that could be bad since most of them couldn't prostitute themselves fast enough when they crowned King George.

Sometimes I think the millions of gay & lesbian Americans in this country should just REPEATEDLY sue the USA because it's OBVIOUS that we aren't being treated equally!

The Supreme Court has said that there's no "right" to "commit" homosexual acts, but then I don't see where there's a "right" to "commit" heterosexual acts either!

It makes me furious when there's a "cute" news story about a "nude bungee jumper" wedding or people having weddings for their pets. I'm willing to live and let live, but then they say that gays are destroying the "sanctity of marriage" and I think about people getting married while scuba diving, etc. and wonder why it's "cute" for them to marry, but I'm the devil because I actually have the nerve to hope for a meaningful and legally recognized relationship with another man.

We can't really count on the Democratic Party to save us (and I'm a life long democrat) because they've sold us out before (Don't Ask, Don't Tell & DOMA the "Defense" of Marriage Act) and they'll do it again.

Hillary Clinton, like her husband before her, has already said that she's against equal marriage rights for GLBT people. And we all know what a "spiritual" thing her marriage is.

Sometimes, I think that straight people are just worried that we'll make them look bad. I mean what with the 50 percent failure rate of their marriages and all. They're probably right.