Saturday, November 25, 2006

10 Percent A**holes

It's sad to me when a company presents itself as supportive and nuturing to the LGBT community (or any particular group for that matter) when it's soley out to make a buck by exploiting peoples allegiance to their own community. Such seems to be the case with 10 Percent Productions a.k.a. Village Lighthouse. A retailer/wholesaler of everything LGBT from cards to calendars, videos to underwear that is sold in countless Pride stores from Seattle to Sidney.

I entered into a licensing contract with this company. I was a bit dismayed by the meager 5% royalites offered but what the heck they were luring me in with the notion of doing a calendar of my work and I thought that would be great exposure. Anyway the calendar didn't happen but instead they put my work on a handful of cards and a few magnets. Which was fine. I knew the calendar was not guaranteed. I had read the contract and I was aware of and accepting of all the items in it.

My issues did not arise until later when it came time for me to receive my quartely royalty payment. From the first one and every quarter since I did not recieve my meager royalty check within the time frame THEY set forth in the contract. In fact I only get it when I finally write and demand payment. This is not what I signed up for. Their low regard for their artists and unwillingness to adhere to their own payment conditions, also get's me wondering if these double digit checks are even accurate. I later learned, by contacting to several other artists, that getting payment from them is never easy. I truly believe if the artists never asks for their money, 10Percent would simply keep it. So don't think that you are supporting the LGBT community and the artists that create all the images and photography on their merchandise. You are just supporting those who exploit your community in the name of your community.

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Alan Saugey said...

Hey Michael, I have found working for and with our Community very hard at times. I do it as a labor of love and am not amazed at how you were treated. This seems to be the norm as the GLBT community becomes more mainstream.
Live and learn my friend.
Take care.