Wednesday, October 02, 2013

New Original and Prints: "Pumpkin Head: The Legend of Creepy Swallows"

Once Autumn came and dusk began to arrive early, men from town would take a late afternoon stroll through the nearby woods. It wasn't, as they often would say, to appreciate the fall colors, the crisp fresh air, or to clear their minds of clutter. In fact what was on their minds was very clear. 

Of course the women of the town were afraid to go into the woods, what with all the wild animals and that frightening tale of the headless horsemen. 

But the men weren't afraid. They knew of another tale. One with a bit more truth to it. In fact, they hoped for an encounter with Pumpkin Head, as he was referred. An anonymous gentlemen, as the story goes, who would don a hollowed out pumpkin for a mask and with great gusto, 'service' the lucky townsmen who wandered the eerie woods. 

The Original as well as very limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available for purchase at the special first day pricing through Midnight ET tomorrow.

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