Monday, March 28, 2011

New Release: "Sexually Implicit" Series of 4 Works.

All your senses become engaged and your mind overwhelmed trying to take in and process all the sensations, to the point where the outside world falls into the distance.  You're consumed by one thing and nothing else really matters. 

To accentuate that single minded focus that is a part of sex, I did close ups on the figures, limiting the background and any extraneous elements.  I also got to deal with the issue of being explicit.

Censorship and obscenity are tricky things. How does one put black and white boundaries on something that is a subjective gray area. With my artwork I've encountered many different definitions and restrictions. Commonly the terms 'no nudity' or 'sexually explicit' are used. Some even specifically define 'what is nudity'.  They narrow it down to displaying the genitals, the anus or the female areola. But why do we crop, blur and block those bits when we all know what's being hidden anyway?

I decided to stay within those boundaries while perhaps making those who set those rules as uncomfortable as possible. Sure, some may still argue that they are 'sexually explicit' because they are 'obviously having sex'. But are they? Or is that merely the viewer coming to that conclusion, filling in what is unseen with their own minds? After all explicit means leaving nothing merely implied.

Each work is available separately as a Studio Print (13" x 19"), which is the full size (12" x 18") of these originals.  Also the Series of 4 is printed together one large 24" x 35" Gallery Print.

Each original is $2500 framed through the Lyman-Eyer gallery. Or buy all four at a special price. The Sexually Implicit Series will be part of my "Seasons of Love" exhibit in August, and if purchased must remain with the gallery until the end of the show.

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