Friday, December 17, 2010

GOP: We'd like to help the 9/11 first responders, but we just don't see the profit in it.

If there ever was any doubt there shouldn't be any longer, the GOP has no interest in bettering the lives of average Americans.  If they have no compassion for the first responders of 9/11 then they will never care about you or I.  I can understand their principle that the government isn't there to coddle everyone, but there is no question that the country is indebted to these heroic individuals who are going bankrupt and dying because they can't afford health care for all sorts of respiratory ailments, cancers and heart disease brought on by working in the toxic atmosphere at ground zero for months on end.

Every single Republican Senator signed a pledge to block every single piece of legislation until the temporary tax decrease on people earning 1/4 million a year (couples earning 1/2 million a year) was extended, then had the immorality to blocked the First Responders Health Care Bill from even being brought to the Senate floor for discussion.  For 9 years the GOP has used the war cry  "9/11" to inflate their 'patriotism', propagate fear to fund wars (that were all about corporate interests), now when the police, firefighters, EMT's  who were actually there need their help, they can't be bothered to stay in session over the Christmas break...(what would Jesus do?).

So the GOP will apologize to BP, fund wars that further corporate interests, expand the deficit to give millionaires tax breaks, crusade to shrink government so their is less oversight on banks and other industries that would gladly destroy our environment but will never ever put PEOPLE over profit.  They are truly disgusting.

And to the news networks ABC, NBC & CBS who have virtually ignored covering the blocking of this bill you suck just as much.  And FOX who idolizes everything "9/11",  who created a firestorm over a proposed mosque in that NYC neighborhood, you'd expect 'something', but it has barely made a peep about this. Of course FOX is just the mouthpiece for the corporate GOP so it's not surprising, I guess 9/ll heroes are no longer 'real 'Mericans'.

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