Friday, September 17, 2010

"Vows" - excerpt from "Illustrated Men"

Illustrated Men
1 artist, 15 authors, 16 paintings, 17 stories.
Excerpt from Vows,
short story by Justin Shepherd

       Though neither of us were virgins, both of us were out of practice, but that proved no impediment to the realization of what we both knew was inevitable. Philip was everything I had imagined in my fantasies and more. His body was exquisite, with masculine definition that I had rarely encountered in anything but men’s exercise magazines. His collarbone and broad shoulders formed an artful frame for his magnificent face, made all the more radiant by his soft blue eyes. I couldn’t help but think how inconceivable it was that such a body should be concealed under the folds of a Benedictine habit and shut away in a cloister.

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